Thursday, 13 October 2016

Flying Dutchman Meets Customer Loyalty

Flying Dutchman Meets Customer Loyalty

How to earn customer loyalty

Customer loyalty as we all know isn’t earned over night, in fact it can take months and years to build to a point where you have an advocate client unknowingly (or knowingly in this instance) singing your praises and automatically choosing your brand over a multitude of others whilst influencing other key decision makers!

Take one of my colleagues who uses, a Dutch airline on a weekly basis as part of his commute from Holland to the UK.

Due to an unscheduled, but very welcome family celebration, he needed to change a long standing reservation at very short notice in order to attend a business meeting in the UK. The family celebration as one would imagine provoked strong emotion around the ability and desire to attend, whilst still having the need to fulfil work engagements.

The airline offered a re-quote for the required change of flight which, given the time constraints involved was quite considerable. A discussion ensued around the use of loyalty credit and whether that could mitigate the cost.

Once the Customer Service representative realized that they were speaking with a client who regularly uses their service, they offered to change his flight for free!

Knowing the options available to air travellers today are plentiful, what an endearing and clever move to reward a client who has demonstrated their loyalty!

With the availability of 365, 24×7 customer feedback such as SMS survey tools, does this airline know how happy they have made their brand ambassador?

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