Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Are ‘in the moment’ insights achievable?

Are ‘in the moment’ insights achievable?

In the moment insights

Human nature often dictates that we are quick to complain, but rarely do we proactively praise or congratulate. As consumers the same is true. If a zip breaks on an item of clothing we will take it back to the store. If our food is served cold in a restaurant we will ask for it to be replaced. If our plane is delayed we just simply wait, especially if you are British. But how does this all change our buying behaviour and how do Customer Experience (CX) specialists obtain the ‘in the moment’ insights they so acutely need?

The answer is simple and is already at most CX specialists’ fingertips.

Hidden power of customer apps

National and multi-national consumer facing organisations all have their own customer app, used for all manner of interactions with their customers; from purchases, to accessing their boarding passes and checking their loyalty points. Customer apps are widely used the world over and importantly they are a channel that the consumer has chosen to download and use.

So how do they offer the solution to ‘in the moment’ insights? What some CX specialists aren’t aware of is the capability to run In-App surveys directly to the consumer inside the customer app focused directly on the consumer’s experience with the brand interaction.

In-App CX solution

The In-App survey captures the ‘in the moment’ insights as the interaction occurs between consumer and brand. For CX teams and Market Research agencies, this new In-App feedback channel, harnesses the investment already made into the customer app by adding a new research channel. The survey and experience is totally controlled by the CX specialist and can be set-up so that feedback can be sought based on location and or interaction with the brand – contact centre, coffee shop location, airport, retail outlet or train station for example.

In-App is an embedded solution which means it doesn’t rely on an Internet connection. It’s all done on the phone by the phone, so rich data and media based feedback can be retrieved from any customer, anywhere in the world, in real-time, direct to your business reports.

The advancement of Open Source technology has also meant that valuable feedback and data can now be captured at the point of interaction, offering true consumer sentiment about their brand experience.

Find out more

To find out how In-App can quickly and effortlessly access your consumer’s ‘in the moment’ insights take a look at our animation or download our In-App factsheet.

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