Monday, 18 July 2016

Do you answer surveys?

Do you answer surveys?

I have always been the kind of person who would fill in the occasional online or mobile survey from companies or charities I like. Now I know why I don’t fill them in all the time. Too many are rubbish. Working with mobile surveys and showcasing good examples, I’ve become really aware of what the surveys I receive are like.

In other words, when you know what good is, you won’t be happy with rubbish anymore. If you’ve driven a Ferrari, an old Ford will not feel exciting to drive any more. When I bought proper running shoes, I stopped using my old trainers for jogging.

A grid survey from the preschool is impossible to fill in on my phone (where I want to respond to it), a lengthy online survey from my supermarket is abandoned half-way through because the dog needs a walk, and I’ve turned down a survey with my chosen charity three times in a row because they want the feedback on the phone just before bedtime.

I feel bad for you, Charity, but do you know how much chaos a toddler can cause when left alone while I’m on the phone? And no, Supermarket, I haven’t got the time to answer pages and pages of questions; especially not in an online survey that I can only see properly at my work computer. Sorry, my lunch break is short enough as it is.

Too many questions? Not many answers. Not easy to respond on a tablet or a phone? Sorry, I’ll give up halfway through, even if I really wanted to give you the feedback you need.

Make your survey good, however, and I’m all over it, probably answering it within hours. You know what good is, and why it involves being a mobile survey. Make your mobile surveys easy, and I’ll answer them every time (even while I’m walking the dog!)

By Stina Strachan, marketing manager at OnePoint Global.

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