Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Use SMS surveys to get faster responses

Use SMS surveys to get faster responses

Do you currently use CATI (Computer-assisted telephone interviewing) or IVR (Interactive Voice Responses) in order to learn valuable customer information about your targeted demographic? If so, you are undoubtedly drawn to the automated nature of these programs – they allow you to learn so much about your clients quickly.

If you find that these programs are well suited to your business, then you should consider SMS surveys for even better results. Not only are SMS surveys known to provide a much more robust sample size, they are also proven to receive responses much faster than their automated voice cousins thanks to the fact that respondents can reply at their own convenience.

Complement (or replace) your current IVR and/or CATI programs with SMS surveys

While you may want to keep IVR and CATI research in use for the time being, in the long run it can be a smart move to integrate SMS surveys into your overall customer service strategy. Over time, you might even find that they can replace your current customer feedback programs altogether, especially for short or quick surveys.

The main benefits of SMS Surveys

Flexible – SMS surveys allow your clients to start and stop their response, coming back to the SMS when it is more convenient for them compared to responding to an automated IVR or CATI call.
Discreet – Your customers do not have to expend the energy associated with speaking to a customer service representative.
Real time results – SMS surveys allow you to see your clients’ responses in real time, as they complete the survey (and even if they do not finish the survey to completion).
Fast responses – It has been shown that 80% of all SMS surveys are completed within 2 hours of their receipt.
Cost-effective – Clients can respond when it suits them, making them far more likely to engage with your survey. Increasing response rate and reducing the sample size you’ll need, will save you money.

Branding your SMS Surveys

Your clients are more likely to trust your SMS survey campaign if they can be sure that the text messages are coming from your company (and are not a fraudulent scam designed to trick them out of information or money). Your telephone number and brand ID will help your SMS stand out from the crowd, building their trust in your business and increasing the chances that they will spend the time to complete your survey.

SMS Survey Programs Allow you to Say ‘Thank You’

An SMS survey campaign can allow you to generate a fully automated ‘thank you’ text that will be sent to your participants after they complete your customer service survey. This seemingly small step will allow you to build rapport and trust with your clients, and will help to foster a friendly feeling between your company and the respondents.

Steps you can take to ensure good results

Keep things short and sweet – For the best results, it is a good idea to limit your questions. Consider asking one to six questions – this will prevent tedium and frustration, and your survey will be more likely to generate valuable information that you can use to improve your customer service experience.
Limit the choices – Keeping things single or multiple choice will prevent people from feeling like they have to type out a novel in order to effectively answer your questions!
Make it interactive – Including photos, videos and voice features can all help to enhance the experience for your client, making it far more likely that they will respond and give you the information that you require.

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