Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Market Researchers Set to Benefit From Free Mobile Survey Ideas App

Market Researchers Set to Benefit From Free Mobile Survey Ideas App

OnePoint Global supports mobile survey adoption with free access to latest mobile survey ideas

OnePoint Global is launching a unique initiative providing free direct access to a resource of mobile ideas. Through a free mobile survey app installed on their own mobile device, Market Researchers will be able to access mobile survey ideas from around the world and across research sectors on a regular basis.

Dr Tim Snaith, Chief Research Officer at OnePoint Global says “We understand that moving to mobile can be a big step. Our aim is to help you experience mobile surveys and create your own to share with clients and colleagues. We plan to add more surveys to the free App on a frequent basis to help stimulate ideas and make mobile research mainstream and accessible to all.

We have experience of over 32 million surveys on mobile devices and feel that we are well positioned to provide a valuable resource of fresh ideas covering techniques, features and methodologies. These will benefit both mobile savvy researchers as well as those new to the mobile channel. We recognised that our mobile survey app itself creates a perfect free vehicle for distributing these fresh thought provoking ideas.”

The Tellme App™ provides different questionnaire designs and formats to demonstrate how to engage respondents and enable them to complete surveys on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere. It can be downloaded from the App store at

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