Monday, 9 March 2015

Offline Mobile Surveys Spark New Opportunities for SPSS<sup>®</sup> Data Collection Users

Offline Mobile Surveys Spark New Opportunities for SPSS® Data Collection Users

SPSS® (Dimensions) users can now script and deploy offline and online data collection surveys via any mobile channel – from Apps to SMS, as well as Mobile Web – more easily than ever before.

The new OnePoint Global Mobile Survey Platform (the Platform) provides SPSS® users with affordable access to many new features and capabilities that until now have been either unavailable or difficult to achieve in the mobile research sector. For example, this includes the ability to create a complex offline CAPI survey with in-App client branding, fully optimised for mobile devices, in just minutes.

SPSS® users can now script a survey offline (using either proprietary SPSS® authoring tools or direct code), upload it with no file conversion and test it using the Platform’s inbuilt mobile simulator. Even complex surveys can be deployed, fully optimised for any mobile device, in any country, in any language.

As an offline scripted App survey can also run online, a respondent can either open the full survey and submit results immediately or send them later, if the mobile coverage is poor – a feature that will be welcomed by CAPI researchers.

Furthermore, the App surveys have customisable in-App branding, enabling multiple surveys to be individually branded within one App or for different branded Apps to be created. As applying different logos and branding takes only minutes, it can save time and costs.

The Platform also accommodates any question type, making it much easier to include multi-media questions and responses, sliders and rankings, as well as to collect barcodes and geolocation data.

Doug Morris, Chief Technology Officer at OnePoint Global says “the OnePoint Global Mobile Survey Platform offers an incredible leap forward for SPSS® data collection via mobile surveys. The technology is designed to make it much easier to provide a truly excellent customer experience for SPSS® scripted mobile surveys, whether they are completed offline or online on a mobile device. Now, it is not only possible to script or upload SPSS® authored surveys without the need for file conversions (which can introduce errors), it is also much easier to take advantage of capabilities that have either not been available or very difficult to use. For example, video and image media files are easy to view in browsers and export for reports, because they are automatically configured to use the most appropriate format for the device.”

With a single user licence costing just £45 a month, the OnePoint Global Mobile Survey Platform offers SPSS® users many key benefits, including:

  • Access to the full range of mobile survey channels (App, Mobile Web, Online and SMS)
  • Offline completion capability via App surveys (with customisable branding)
  • Direct uploads from IBM® SPSS® Data Collection or other SPSS® authoring tools, with no file conversion required
  • Ability to use barcodes, keywords, media files and geolocation data
  • Simplified coding for sliders and touch screen responses
  • Inbuilt mobile simulator to test the script’s customer experience on different devices and browsers

Neil Jessop, CEO at OnePoint Global adds “as pioneers of mobile surveys, the time was right to develop the next generation of survey technologies and to ensure that SPSS® data collection users were able to take full advantage of them at the same time. The OnePoint Global Mobile Survey Platform already supports over 3 million surveys on mobile devices monthly, across all the mobile data collection channels, and now it also enables SPSS® scripted surveys to be taken to the next level and beyond.
This new Platform represents a significant advancement in the mobile survey experience for SPSS® users, across the value chain – from those who create the surveys, to those who take them, and those who view or download the reports.”

To book a demo via webinar on 19 March or to learn more, please click here.

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