Monday, 8 February 2016

OnePoint Global launches free SMS invites service to boost online survey completion rates

OnePoint Global launches free SMS invites service to boost online survey completion rates

OnePoint Global launches SMS invites, a service proven to improve response rates for mobile web and online surveys by up to 4 times. The service is FREE to sign up to, and clients get 50 free SMS messages.

98% of SMS get read; 22% of e-mails get read. It’s easy to see why companies using e-mail invitations to get survey completes are finding it increasingly difficult to reach their response rate targets. This has led to the launch of OnePoint Global’s new service: SMS invites.

Studies have shown that response rates go up on average 30% when survey invites are sent out by SMS. Clients who tried the beta version of SMS invites got on average 4 times the complete rate. SMS invites are proving a cost effective way to reach respondents to get real-time feedback with mobile and web surveys.

OnePoint Global’s SMS invites is a global service, letting clients send SMS invites to 160 countries, from Albania to Zimbabwe, America to China. OnePoint Global’s SMS invites can be used on its own or with the OnePoint Global Mobile Survey Platform for Mobile Surveys that are fully optimised on all devices.

Setting up is easy, with no access fee. Clients can send their first SMS invite or reminder in less than 30 minutes after setting up an account, and the first 50 SMS messages are free. After uploading a list of phone numbers, clients can personalise the sender-ID, write their message, add a survey link and only pay for the messages sent.

Dr Tim Snaith, Chief Research Officer at OnePoint Global says: “SMS invites accelerate survey completions. E-mail invites alone are experiencing falling response rates. SMS invites are the answer for many of our clients who are using them for both survey invitations and reminders.”

About OnePoint Global

OnePoint Global is the global mobile survey software platform leader. Our mobile survey technologies – including our flagship APP, SMS, Online and MobileWeb – help companies gain feedback in entirely new ways. OnePoint Global is the trusted choice of global research agencies and brands. Our mobile research capabilities have supported over 30,000 studies across 74 countries with over 32 million mobile surveys completed each year. Our surveys are fully optimised for all mobile devices, making it easy to answer them on any device. We love mobile and our best-in-class mobile survey solutions enable mobile surveys to be undertaken across Any Handset, Any Country, Any Language – Anytime, Anywhere.

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