Friday, 27 March 2015

OnePoint Global Tells Industry “Don’t Compromise”

OnePoint Global Tells Industry “Don’t Compromise”

Technology shouldn’t restrict how you engage via mobile

OnePoint Global, providers of the most powerful mobile and online survey technology, is calling on the industry to use mobile to the fullest of its capabilities by creating stunning and engaging mobile surveys that display perfectly on any device. Mobile is now part of the mainstream research toolkit but not everyone recognises its capabilities, with some organisations just using one mobile data collection channel, such as an App or SMS surveys.

OnePoint Global has risen to the challenges of today’s diverse mobile world by developing technology that’s so easy to use, everybody can create any kind of mobile survey that looks perfect on any phone, tablet and browser. OnePoint Global’s technology also makes it easy to ask any type of question and to add touch control questions, styling and branding. The result is mobile surveys that both look and work fantastically, therefore building greater engagement and increasing response rates.

Not only does the technology include all the mobile survey channels, it is also priced so that anyone can afford to use it. A named single user licence is just £45 a month; removing cost as a reason to compromise and enabling anyone to collect responses offline and online, using Mobile Web, App, Online and SMS mobile surveys.

Anyone who wants to experience the technology for themselves can do so via OnePoint Global‘s new website. The website showcases a series of live examples for App, Mobile Web, Online and SMS surveys, which feature different capabilities including: geolocation and touch controls such as sliders and ratings, and provide the opportunity to see how the surveys look on different devices.

Dr Tim Snaith, Chief Research Officer at OnePoint Global says “Our clients use our technology in many different ways, which include creating branded survey Apps and Mobile Web surveys, running SMS surveys as part of their CATI programs or sending SMS invitations and reminders to take part in a survey, and to run mobile surveys that collect responses online and offline. Now mobile surveys are mainstream; it’s important to ensure that technology does not become a limiting factor. Using a single technology platform has many advantages; as well as the ability to create different types of mobile survey, it also makes it easier to re-use media files, respondent lists and collate results, which can save time and money. That’s why we’re encouraging people to ask questions about their current technology solutions and showing them what ‘good looks like’.”

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