Wednesday, 8 March 2017

It’s an Open Source world: are you ready to reap the research benefits?

It’s an Open Source world: are you ready to reap the research benefits?

Transparent platform for a mobile future

Open Source software from Apple, Google, and Microsoft delivers big business benefits for all kinds of companies today. Now OnePoint Global is joining the giants, so our clients can reap the rewards of a Mobile Survey Platform using an Open Source approach.

In a ground-breaking move, much of our Mobile Survey Platform’s source code is becoming transparent and available for use by clients willing to join an exciting global community. Our Open Source approach will help you tackle many of the big research challenges of data capture and feedback in today’s always-available mobile world.

  • Find new ways to capture consumer feedback
  • Create and integrate your own mobile research products
  • Demonstrate increased value to stakeholders and clients through mobile survey innovation
  • Develop new and highly cost effective data capture methods
  • Get new products to market in short order
  • Build competitive advantage
  • Respond to the burgeoning mobile marketplace with scalability to meet data volumes of the future.

With Open Source software, you will be able to choose the services you need from our platform software, evolving your own solutions to meet your business’s distinctive requirements.

An Open Source approach, empowers you to use Software Development Kits (SDKs), sharing code to improve quality and security, whilst developing your best ideas into new and exciting Mobile Survey solutions. You can now easily integrate new solutions with your research and business architecture, making access and utilising the outcomes of Mobile Surveys simpler than ever.

Open Source – Higher value relationships

The Open Source world offers powerful new ways to meet your research needs.

It strengthens your Mobile Survey Platform and offers you greater flexibility to explore new research channels at will, or to develop a fully white-labeled strategy. It makes it easier than ever to create a survey solution you haven’t tried before to reach your target audiences.

You might be used to running online surveys for example, but with Open Source you can easily use our platform to build a Mobile Survey environment that is perfectly pre-formatted for the most basic phones, smartphones, tablets and browsers used by your audiences.

In the age of Open Source, our platform will continue to be powered by the best mobile survey technology, used by leading brands across the globe. Your Mobile Survey Platform will also continue to leverage our intellectual property: the expertise that brings you anytime, anywhere access to our platform, and offers you Mobile Surveys on any device, in any language, and in any country.

But even better in the Open Source world, our knowledge and your solutions will be continually enhanced by your vibrant and growing Open Source community.

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