Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How can you impress your Telco clients?

How can you impress your Telco clients?

Whatever the size or sector of the telco company you have been hired to help, you need to be able to provide a clear and concise customer service strategy.

It’s no secret that satisfied customers are more likely to stay loyal, recommend your business to their social networks and act as a brand ambassador in their daily lives. All of these things improve a business’s bottom line, which is why keeping existing customers satisfied and happy is of deep importance.

But how can you determine exactly what it is that makes their customers happy – or unhappy? When it comes to your telco clients, mobile surveys are one of the smartest, most efficient and important tools in your arsenal if you want to improve your overall client satisfaction.

Mobile surveys can be used at a myriad of touch points, including after retail experiences, online transactions and contact centre calls. SMS is a truly convenient and useful way to encourage your customers to take a mobile survey, enabling you to receive valuable information that is otherwise hard to access.

Here are just some of the many reasons why SMS surveys are so effective:

• 90% of people will view these responses within only 3 minutes of receipt*
• 80% reply to an SMS survey within 2 hours*
• You can take advantage of your existing telco network to reach out to your clients, after all – when customers can reply for free, they are more likely to do so

If you are not already using SMS for your mobile surveys, you are missing out, losing valuable information that you could be using to improve your customer service, your industry- wide reputation and your overall bottom line.

Thankfully, OnePoint Global has a great solution for telco corporations.

Our mobile survey platform is not just easy to use, it is cost effective and gives you the results you need. It can plug into any existing telco network, and we have a wealth of experience that you can access and benefit from.

Our 2-way SMS surveys combine routing, piping and survey logic with the convenience and power of SMS – these are just some of the reasons why many leading international telco corporations trust us to provide them with SMS survey solutions. We can reach any handset, in any country, in any language – we provide everything you need to run high volume surveys at a very low cost.

We have over 150 clients, including six of the world’s largest research firms, and we’ve conducted of over 40,000 projects in 91 countries! With this experience and expertise, OnePoint Global is head and shoulders above the competition. We can help you capture Key Business drivers, and measure your KPIs, NPS, CSaT and CES far easier than you ever thought possible. We can help you boost completions, sweep up non-responders, get faster results – and of course, save money.

Eager to provide this exciting, efficient and cost effective solution to your telco clients? Get in touch with OnePoint Global today – we are happy to work with you to create bespoke SMS surveys that will impress your client and earn you more business in the future.

*Source: OnePoint Global

OnePont Global Telco customer lifetime value

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