Tuesday, 19 April 2016

New mobile survey: 43% will not answer their phone to an unknown number

New mobile survey: 43% will not answer their phone to an unknown number

We love mobile at OnePoint Global, and we love mobile surveys. We have tested our own survey platform again (we love doing that), to find out about respondents’ preferences when it comes to survey invites and mobile surveys in general.

OnePoint Global found that only 16% of people answer their phone if they don’t recognize the number. 43% of people never answer the phone if the number isn’t in their contacts. This goes some way to explain why some phone surveys struggle with response rate.

Our survey shows that as many as 60% of people read a text message from a number they don’t recognize. Our experience is that SMS survey invites lead to a significant increase in response rate and speed of response.

79% of respondents said they never check their spam folder or check it less than once a week, by which point a survey might have closed. It is a common problem that e-mail survey invites mistakenly end up in the spam folder.

When we asked how people would prefer to receive a survey invite, e-mail and SMS invites ranked higher than survey invites at the end of a call, receiving a phone call or face-to-face. People want to do surveys when it suits them, not when it suits the researcher.

Finally, we asked how much time people would be happy to spend on a mobile survey, and 83% said they’d spend five minutes or less. The optimal survey length is in our experience 5 question SMS survey or a 10 question Mobile Web survey, showing the importance of keeping surveys short.

Key findings:

  • 83% would dedicate five minutes or less on a mobile survey
  • 43% will not answer the phone if they don’t recognize the number
  • 79% check their e-mail spam folder once a week or less
  • 60% will read a text message (SMS) from an unknown number

About OnePoint Global

OnePoint Global is the global mobile survey software platform leader. Our mobile survey technologies – including our flagship APP, SMS, Online and MobileWeb – help companies gain feedback in entirely new ways. Our telco clients use their own network to plug into our mobile survey platform to do SMS invites and Mobile Surveys, making it free for their customers to resond.

OnePoint Global is the trusted choice of global research agencies and brands. Our mobile research capabilities have supported over 30,000 studies across 74 countries with over 32 million mobile surveys completed each year. Our surveys are fully optimised for all mobile devices, making it easy to answer them on any device. We love mobile and our best-in-class mobile survey solutions enable mobile surveys to be undertaken across Any Handset, Any Country, Any Language – Anytime, Anywhere.

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