Friday, 12 February 2016

New survey: Mobile customers lack loyalty

New survey: Mobile customers lack loyalty

Survey shows that two thirds of customers have changed mobile phone networks at least once in the last five years

We love mobile at OnePoint Global. Some of our biggest clients are from the telco industry, so when we wanted to run a survey testing our own platform, we decided to find out what makes people loyal (or not!) to their mobile phone network.
OnePoint Global found that only a third of the respondents were loyal to their provider. Only 32% of the respondents had stayed loyal to one provider over five years, while 35% had been with two networks, 24% had been with three networks and 8% had been with four or more networks in the past five years.
The main reason for choosing the network they were currently with, was coverage or price of phone. These reasons were significantly more important than a free phone or length of contract.
88% of people were happy with the coverage of their current provider, yet the survey showed that coverage would be an important reason for changing networks again, after price of contract and being offered a free phone.
The three benefits respondents would most like to receive from their network provider were (in this order):

  • Free phone
  • Discount on contracts for existing customers
  • Free music streaming

74% ranked their telco 7 or more out of 10 when asked if they would recommend their network provider to a family member or friends. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 17.

About OnePoint Global
OnePoint Global is the global mobile survey software platform leader. Our mobile survey technologies – including our flagship APP, SMS, Online and MobileWeb – help companies gain feedback in entirely new ways. Our telco clients use their own network to plug into our mobile survey platform to do SMS invites and Mobile Surveys, making it free for their customers to resond.
OnePoint Global is the trusted choice of global research agencies and brands. Our mobile research capabilities have supported over 30,000 studies across 74 countries with over 32 million mobile surveys completed each year. Our surveys are fully optimised for all mobile devices, making it easy to answer them on any device. We love mobile and our best-in-class mobile survey solutions enable mobile surveys to be undertaken across Any Handset, Any Country, Any Language – Anytime, Anywhere.

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