Monday, 16 January 2017

When do emerging research methods become mainstream?

When do emerging research methods become mainstream?

Emerging research methods

The answer clearly has to be based on adoption and the answer  for mobile surveys is now.

The new GRIT Report issued by Greenbook, has been published for the second half of 2016. As always it makes for an essential read to anyone involved or interested in market research.

The report through its industry wide analysis places mobile surveys top of the ‘Emerging Methods in Use by Clients Vs Supplier,’ as referenced in page seven of their report. With 75% of the study’s respondents (page fourteen of the report) stating that they currently use Mobile Surveys with a further 16% placing this method ‘Under Consideration,’ it begs the question why have mobile surveys reached such high adoption?

Widespread adoption

Like any other research solution,  adoption is dependent on the users’ preferences. Mobile technology is commonplace, and with ‘Mobile Internet to eclipse desktop usage in 2017 with 75% of users operating from smartphones,’ it is no surprise that the overall usage of Mobile Surveys is set to rise in popularity.

So technology adoption is one part of the argument for mobile survey adoption, but why are they so appealing to users?

Mobile survey appeal

Mobile survey appeal is simple. It puts the user in charge of when, where and how they answer the survey.

Taking a survey for some, can feel like an encumbrance. Mobile surveys take the ‘pain’ away from lengthy traditional methods of data capture. Mobiles are now more readily accessible than computers making them the preferred channel of choice. Survey recipients are able to view fully branded and rendered surveys and so they are reassured from the start who they are responding to.

With such a positive survey experience, where users can fill in mobile surveys offline and online, on any device, in any country and in any language, it is no surprise to us that mobile surveys are now mainstream!

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