Friday, 16 December 2016

Are retailers embracing mobile CX this Christmas?

Are retailers embracing mobile CX this Christmas?

T’is the season for everyone to go shopping.

With little more than a few days until Christmas and the January sales I’m sure retailers are mindful to maximize their percentage of the consumer purse. But what else can they gain from consumers? How many retailers have truly embraced Mobile CX?

If you are anything like me, you like to strike a bargain; especially when the bank balance starts to fall off a cliff when all of the Christmas purchases begin toppling out of the current account.

I am very much one of the many now when shopping and I regularly use my smartphone to check price promotions, online vs in-store pricing as well as products and feature benefits.

Whilst I’m sure this annoys retailers, it should also keep their pricing sharp and competitive. My mobile device usage should also open their eyes as to how they can and should adapt and capture my shopping experience.

Is the customer still king?

I am British by birth but despite it being one of my nation’s past times, I hate queuing! Instead of allowing me to part with my well-earned pounds, why do retailers often insist that a shelf is well stocked instead of placing more colleagues on the checkout? If the retailer took the time to ask myself, or any number of their customers, what excites them about their shopping experience and equally what upsets them, then they will soon be able to adapt and change their retail outlet / online shopping experience to one that delights as opposed to annoys.

Mobile CX – it’s here to stay!

If they did this in such a way that was personal to me and my shopping experience, by using my preferred mobile channel of choice – smartphone for me! They will soon have a more enriched view of what does and doesn’t work for certain shopper types and demographics.

Mobile is here, its usage is growing and I only hope that retailers either start or in many cases, continue to expand their usage of Mobile channels in capturing customer experience insights.

Lauren Flaxton, Head of Marketing, OnePoint Global.

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