Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The power of Mobile can help revolutionise Patient Care.

The power of Mobile can help revolutionise Patient Care.

Mobile Surveys – Improving Patient Satisfaction and Care.

Healthcare professionals the world over are always focused on improving the levels and standards of care and outcomes received by their patients. The Healthcare market is moving far more towards a customer experience level of service, where the patient’s needs and overall patient satisfaction is continually assessed along with their medical care needs.

One such patient satisfaction survey method currently used in the USA is that of paper and telephone based feedback, which is often sent to the patients up to 6 weeks after their hospital discharge. It’s no wonder then that feedback and response levels are low, with a suggested 28% response rate. It also brings into question the ability for hospitals to respond timely to patient feedback and concerns.

It’s refreshing therefore, to read an article by The President of the Healthcare Association of New York State in US News, that medical professionals themselves are calling for improvements in the mechanisms and channels of feedback available to them so that they can capture patient insight in real-time in order to make appropriate health care quality improvements.

Power of Mobile Survey Feedback in Patient Satisfaction.

Mobile Web Surveys and SMS surveys are two channels cited that would improve response rates. It continues by outlining “73 percent of Americans go online on a daily basis and 21 percent of Americans are online – almost constantly.”

SMS Invites for example is one channel that can be used to pre-warn patients of the impending surveys being sent as well as a quick and simple mechanism to remind people to fill out their Mobile Web Surveys.

With such a high rate of always-on mobile consumers, there clearly is a massive role to play for Healthcare organisations to adopt Mobile Web Surveys and SMS survey solutions to support their desire in attaining patient satisfaction and overall care.

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