Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Is it possible to predict the future, especially when mobile technology comes into play?

Is it possible to predict the future, especially when mobile technology comes into play?

The advance of mobile technology

Most people would agree that it is never good to look back, but to always look forward and embrace new challenges. However at the start of a new year, to reflect and assess whether goals and in some instances predictions have been met is healthy.

Back in July 2010, two of our Co-Founders, Neil Jessop CEO and Dr Tim Snaith Chief Research Officer, chaired and presented, at the Market Research Society’s first conference on Mobile Insights. The conference explored a number of prevailing topics in relation to mobile technology adoption within research.

Growing adoption of mobile surveys

We are now more than familiar with the adoption of mobile surveys, but back in 2010, a lot of the industry was still in its relative infancy in truly understanding and harnessing the valuable impacts that such technology could and can yield.

A third party blog post summarising the event and its content can be found in a link below. In essence it would appear that our Co-Founders had a crystal ball in their possession that day!

Let consumers choose how to engage

Tim predicted that:-

  • Researchers should observe how consumers use their mobile device and then engage according to their preferences
  • Mobiles are more readily accessible than computers making it the preferred channel of choice when used in downtime periods – making it a great survey tool!
  • Strong and in-depth understanding of mobile technological requirements is required to adhere to in-country regulations.

Knowing that we take the lead from consumers on how, when and where they want to engage, Tim’s predictions of over 6 years ago were spot on!

Mobile surveys, made easy

Neil’s prediction during his wrap up of the event was extremely clear – that there would be more surveys taken on the mobile than online!

As referenced on Market Research World, 23% of consumer surveys in 2013 were taken on a mobile device. This was a massive 15% increase from 2012.

Given our focus and daily execution of mobile surveys at OnePoint Global along with industry-wide adoption, we know that Neil’s prediction has most definitely come to fruition!

Thank you to Simon Kendrick for his kind blog post summarising the event.

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