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Success, Scale, Speed* – how is it achieved in Mobile CX?

Success, Scale, Speed* – how is it achieved in Mobile CX?

What in real terms can Customer Experience (CX) specialists do to achieve the nirvana of success, scale and speed?In a recent webinar held with one of our partners MaritzCX, an internationally leading CX software and services provider, we explored the use of SMS as a complementary and strengthening element to existing or new CX programmes. Why? Because the world has gone mobile. Nearly 7.5 billion₁ of us now inhabit the earth with 4.9 billion of us being classified as unique mobile users₂ with a staggering 8.2 billion unique mobile connections₃ in existence.

Mobile Customer Experience

The sheer volume of mobile usage and connections therefore places SMS at the centre of discussions in the consideration of channel mix. It is easy to use, quick to deploy and given that it allows consumers to respond at their leisure yields high response rates. With 98% of SMS read in less than 3 minutes and 80% of SMS responded to in less than 2 hours.

So how can the three S’s of Mobile Customer Experience programmes be achieved? Put simply….

  • Success through Experience
  • Scale with Coverage
  • Speed by Technology

To be clear, no one of the three S’s can be achieved alone and requires an interlink between all three to ensure appropriate programme outcomes. There also needs to be a clear and distinct partnership between the CX agency and SMS Mobile Survey partner to determine how and when SMS should be used.

Success through Experience

We can’t all be experts in everything we do and that is probably the first key point of consideration when using SMS within a CX programme. When adopting SMS, look to appoint a CX agency such as MaritzCX that has the specialist Mobile Survey partnerships in place and who have:-

  • Appropriate domain knowledge and expertise
  • Scripting knowledge and capability– considering Pull or Push
  • In-country regulation, legislative and technical capabilities

Scale with Coverage

All companies are now operating within a global community. SMS as a survey channel needs to be activated on that premise: –

  • In all countries
  • Optimised for all devices
  • With the ability to reach all target audiences
  • Through a single SMS gateway

Speed by Technology

What often appears simple is typically the most complex. The humble SMS since its inception in 1992 has been used by us all hundreds if not thousands of times each year. For it be delivered at speed with scale and global coverage within a CX programme however takes the knowledge and experience that can only be supplied by a Mobile Survey specialist. Such specialism ensures:-

  • State of the art SMS scripting software and survey engine
  • High speed processing – 100 SMS per second
  • High volume concurrency 750 million SMS p.a.
  • Voice, Picture and Video capability

SMS –Strengthening CX Programmes

Adopting a clear position as to the role of SMS within CX programmes can quickly add the success, scale and speed required by CX specialists and their end clients.

Listen to our recent webinar with MaritzCXclick here.

*MaritzCX pillars to support CX programmes

-Source₁,₂,₃:- Hootsuite – Global Digital Snapshot, January 2017

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