Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Are Survey Apps a realistic proposition for Market Research?

Are Survey Apps a realistic proposition for Market Research?

With the rise in Mobile usage has come a shift change in what we use Mobile for.  Can a Survey App or Apps support researchers in their quest in gaining new and innovative ways to engaging with their target audiences?

Increase in App time

Research issued by Flurry on behalf of Yahoo Developers Network, suggest that 90% of the time spent on Mobile is on apps. From mainstream Social Media apps to lifestyle or utility apps, Mobile users are changing what they do on their devices. Whilst Internet browsing still acknowledges a notable volume of usage, the amount of browsing time appears to have shifted in recent years in favour of apps.

Engage with your target audience

So with the rise of App usage, how can the Market Research and Insight industry capitalise on this Mobile wonder as well as adopt their consumers preferred communication tools?

Own, Create, Launch

For those who don’t have a BSC Degree in App Development but have the need to access their panel members or their client’s consumers effectively, Survey Apps are the perfect choice. Why, because they engage your target audience within their preferred Mobile channels and they are available now.

Built using Software Development Kits, organisation can own, create and launch an App research channel to their existing infrastructure in days as opposed to months. Sounds complex but thankfully due to Mobile Survey companies such as OnePoint Global, all of the lengthy and costly development time and thinking has already be done.

What’s more those organisations who have the need to survey multiple brands can do so with a white-labeled approach due to Open Source technology. Again for the non-technical folks amongst us, this approach in essence permits organisations to own their own proprietary Survey App. Because surveys are changed on the server side, there is no need to re-release the Surveys Apps to app stores every time a user requires a new survey capability update.

Survey App – Research Agency too small?

Market Research and Insights agencies both large and small can leverage the developments in Survey App technology.

Gone are the days where the words app development conjure up months of development time and costly man hours or agency time. To be live with a new research channel in days is precisely what organisations experience.

Feature rich

As you would expect with a Mobile Survey App solution, available features outstrip more traditional methods and include:-

  • Ability for the Survey App to work offline and online
  • Fully branded or white-labeled options
  • Full survey scripting control
  • Geofencing (offline and online) to invite people to share feedback based on location
  • Enhanced feedback through accessing device capabilities such as microphone and camera for voice, video, picture and barcode scanning.

In any doubt?

If by now you are still in any doubt as to whether Survey Apps are a realistic proposition for you, then let’s walk through just some of its benefits:-

  • Unique offline and online survey capabilities
  • No need to build costly bespoke apps
  • Track progress of App usage by panel members
  • Reduce overall costs of projects
  • Create a fully client branded Survey App experience
  • Take a white-labeled approach – for use across multiple brands
  • No need to re-release your Survey App to app stores following survey updates.

To realise the benefits of adding a Survey App to your existing architecture, contact the Mobile Survey Specialists today and download our factsheet.

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