Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Is survey fatigue avoidable?

Is survey fatigue avoidable?

How easy is it to avoid survey fatigue?

Surveys and their success are in essence down to one key factor, the respondent and their propensity to reply to your survey. Sounds obvious but when there is a research need that requires fulfilling, the respondents’ need can often be overlooked. This is where survey fatigue can kick-in.

With surveys often perceived to be an encumbrance and time consuming to respond to, how can potential survey fatigue and low response rates be avoided?

Five easy steps to help to avoid survey fatigue

  • Create surveys that are simple, easy to digest and where possible short in length
  • Allow respondent to use their channel of choice – mobiles are more accessible than computers
  • Brand your survey so that the recipient can’t fail to recognise you
  • Create content that is engaging and easy to relate to
  • Think about when and how your survey is delivered – respondents are more likely to respond in down-time when they are not distracted by other daily pressures.

Mobile surveys help to avoid survey fatigue

The above steps may appear obvious, but when used together, they will deliver the required response rates in far quicker timescales.

For example, if you require customer insight by 10pm that evening, a concise survey delivered by mobile will yield a higher response rate than a lengthy PC driven survey. The recipient will feel far less ‘annoyed’ by having to respond within this timescale. This is quite possibly due to them being able to respond on their channel of choice, whilst watching their preferred TV drama!

We know survey fatigue exists, but in part can be avoided. Using mobile surveys is one such way to help to avoid fatigue whilst generating greater empathy with your respondents.

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